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About Goyer


Since Henri Goyer created a joinery workshop in 1931, expanding into aluminium in 1970, this family-run business has become a leading French player in prestigious aluminium and glazed facade systems for commercial buildings. Part of Eiffage since 2005, Goyer increased the surface area of its production facilities by 10,000 m² GFA in 2008, when it extended its factory and logistics platform. It acquired Polish subsidiary Defor in 2011 and set its sights on Europe in 2015. With a total combined workforce of 600 employees (Goyer and Defor), 50,000 m² of production facilities and an annual production capacity of 200,000 m² of façade, the company is constantly expanding and innovating to meet its clients’ ever more challenging demands, in both the private and public sectors and in relation to new-builds or refurbishment projects.


Benoit de Ruffray

Daniel Goyer
CEO in charge of business Development

Dominique GOYER
CEO in charge of Operations







Our commitments

Goyer is committed to sustainable development, its approach involves striking a balance between financial, social and environmental objectives. Respecting the environment is integral to the company’s vision.
Our undertakings:

  • To run the company in such a way as to take environmental concerns into account both in terms of prevention and responsiveness.
  • To ensure that all staff realise the importance of protecting the environment by developing skills, providing training and increasing awareness, also involving subcontractors wherever possible.
  • To incorporate sustainability in process management during the project design stage and any subsequent design developments.
  • To regularly test and constantly improve the management of emergency environmental situations and the capacity of its staff to deal with them.
  • To systematically learn from feedback and lessons gained from sustainability experience and turn this into a tool for the advancement of the company’s know-how in this area.
  • To communicate on environmental issues, both internally and externally.
  • To research and implement new initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption.
  • To preserve air quality.
  • To improve the quality of wastewater and reduce water consumption.
  • To increase recycling and the re-use of waste products.

Goyer's Health, Safety and Environment Policy 2017

Our policy is based on the implication of each and every employee of Goyer and their commitment and sense of responsibility, which are the keys to the success of our prevention programme.

The policy is applicable to all employees, support staff and subcontractors.

Objectives for Health, Safety and Environment in 2017

  • To continue our efforts to improve our management of workplace health and safety issues.
  • To eliminate risks and hazards with the aim of eradicating workplace accidents.
  • To implement measures to minimise the noise generated by our company on construction sites.
  • To monitor and reduce waste released into drainage systems and the natural environment.

Initiatives undertaken to achieve our objectives

  • A Site QHSE Leader position has been created to better implement initiatives taken in response to any recurring issues highlighted in accident registers and other workplace assessments and reports.
  • Developing training programmes, some general and some specifically geared to the services and trades in which Goyer specialises.

Proactive Goyer initiatives to prevent accidents and occupational diseases

Reminding employees of annual objectives, organised dialogue with the Management on a monthly basis, weekly workshop and site visits, job audits, “VCS” (French health and safety behaviour visits aimed at improving safety in the workplace) and working groups tasked with looking at specific subjects.

Social integration

Goyer has contractually committed to several projects to promote social integration by improving job opportunities. Our clients appreciate it when our company takes steps to improve access to vocational training and qualifications for anyone interested in working in the construction industry. We therefore offer various forms of apprenticeships and contracts, including some which combine work with vocational training and lead to professional qualifications, aimed at giving those who need it the most improved access to different types of training/employment opportunities and placements, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Our other initiatives:

  • We encourage our subcontractors to adhere to the principles of a charter whereby they adopt a similar policy in terms of improving training and job opportunities.
  • We strive not only to meet, but to exceed compulsory employment quotas in terms of workers with disabilities.



Goyer uses the “Attestations Légales” platform as a means of securely sharing, transmitting and renewing legal, financial, social and other administrative documents, in particular, legal certificates.

For further information or any requests in relation to legal/administrative documents please contact us at racault@goyer.fr.