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January 2016

Initiatives aimed at improving social integration

Goyer has contractually committed to several projects to promote social integration by improving job opportunities. Our clients appreciate it when our company takes steps to improve access to vocational training and qualifications for anyone interested in working in the construction industry. We therefore offer various forms of apprenticeships and contracts, including some which combine work with vocational training and lead to professional qualifications, aimed at giving those who need it …Read More

Objectives for Health, Safety and Environment in 2017

To continue our efforts to improve our management of workplace health and safety issues. To eliminate risks and hazards with the aim of eradicating workplace accidents. To implement measures to minimise the noise generated by our company on construction sites. To monitor and reduce waste released into drainage systems and the natural environment.

Our commitments

Goyer is committed to sustainable development, its approach involves striking a balance between financial, social and environmental objectives. Respecting the environment is integral to the company’s vision. Our undertakings: To run the company in such a way as to take environmental concerns into account both in terms of prevention and responsiveness. To ensure that all staff realise the importance of protecting the environment by developing skills, providing training and increasing …Read More