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Our commitments

Goyer is committed to sustainable development, its approach involves striking a balance between financial, social and environmental objectives. Respecting the environment is integral to the company’s vision.
Our undertakings:

  • To run the company in such a way as to take environmental concerns into account both in terms of prevention and responsiveness.
  • To ensure that all staff realise the importance of protecting the environment by developing skills, providing training and increasing awareness, also involving subcontractors wherever possible.
  • To incorporate sustainability in process management during the project design stage and any subsequent design developments.
  • To regularly test and constantly improve the management of emergency environmental situations and the capacity of its staff to deal with them.
  • To systematically learn from feedback and lessons gained from sustainability experience and turn this into a tool for the advancement of the company’s know-how in this area.
  • To communicate on environmental issues, both internally and externally.
  • To research and implement new initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption.
  • To preserve air quality.
  • To improve the quality of wastewater and reduce water consumption.
  • To increase recycling and the re-use of waste products.

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